Babyback Ribs & BBQ restaurant.



Lunch – 10€

  • Burger with grilled pork neck steak, tomatoes, pickles, red onion-bacon marmelade, grilled pineapple, chili-mayonnaise dressing, grilled portobello mushroom and pepperoni-bell pepper, served with French fries
  • Traditional cheesecake with strawberry sauce

Dinner – 18€

  • Spicy BBQ chicken wings served with marinated bell peppers
  • BBQ pork belly in authentic American charcoal marinade, apple puree, pickled vegetables with spicy tomato and pearl onion-bacon sauce
  • Delicious chocolate cake baked according to BabyBack’s recipe, served with ice cream and strawberry sauce







BabyBack Ribs & BBQ Restoran
Papiniidu 8/10, Pärnu
Tel +372 58 336 723